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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's the Little Things :)

Isn't weird how little things can make your whole day or even week better? Today was going to be just a normal Wednesday, but when I got up, I had the sudden urge to do some excersise. Now normally, I do a quick ab workout in the mornings and go about the rest of my day. But today I wanted something different. So, I turned to excersiseTV and after looking through some different selections, I chose a dance workout. Thankfully no one else was home to watch me make a fool of myself while dancing around my den. After my endorphins were kicked in, I took a shower and decided it was time for a new hair cut. So, I called up the salon and made an appointment for that afternoon. Here's my before and after pictures. Pay no attention to my goofy looking smiles. haha!


I felt so good after getting  it cut, I decided to go to Walmart for some groceries and stop at Sonic for a Diet Cherry Limeade. Coincidentally it was Happy Hour ;)

It's the little things in life that make me happy. A workout, a hair cut, and a limeade. And to top it all off, I made it home from church in time to see tonight's episode of Big Brother!! For all you fans out there, who do you want to win?? I'm rooting for Jeff, Jordan, or Shelly!


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