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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Comes to an End

Hello readers! It's been a carazy weekend for the hubby and I! 
We started our weekend off with a back to school lock-in for the youth at our church which looked a little like this.

We had about 100 kids show up! It was fun but VERY tiring! But this little baby helped get me through it.
Yes that's right, a ZERO CALORIE monster energy drink! I know they can't possibly be good for you, but one per year should be okay right?

Anyway, Saturday was devoted to sleeping as long as possible and not doing anything all day! It was fabulous! :)

Today has been a great Sunday! Started my day off with a 2.2 lb loss! Then wore my favorite team colors to church for "tailgate Sunday." My colors were purple and gold for UNA! (For those who don't know, it's the University of North Alabama.) After church, Chad and I went to lunch with my mom, brothers, and Suzanne my brother Drew's girlfriend. It's so fun spending time with the whole family. Missed dad though =/ The rest of the afternoon was restful, and then at 5:30 we headed down to the park for our church's tailgate party where we had hotdogs, hamburgers, music, games, and a devotion. It was great!

Tomorrow I have my orientation for student teaching (which I start on TUESDAY!). I'm pretty excited, but a little sad at the same time because I know my summer has officially come to an end. But, I'm ready to get this new chapter of my life started! Plus, after my internship, I GRADUATE! December 16th!!

And now, I'm spending the rest of my Sunday night doing some of my favorite things. Reading Self Magazine, having a WW dark chocolate raspberry ice cream bar (DELISH!) and a diet mountain dew, watching Family Guy, and of course BLOGGING! :) Wonderful end to my glorious summer.

Be on the lookout for my post showing how I turned this candle...
into THIS!

AND, how I'm going to turn a small, ugly, green chair into a cute time-out chair for my elementary music class called the "Rest Chair."

Thanks for reading and God bless!!


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