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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Little Crafternoon Delight!

What a day! I am exhausted! Today was my second day of student teaching, and though I love every minute of it, it is so tiring! Now I know why my mother was so ill when she would come home from teaching all day. Sorry for doubting you Mom! But, I'm so excited to see what this semester is going to be like!

Anyway, I thought I'd share with y'all my two projects that I worked on this past Saturday afternoon!
This first one is a little green chair I've had since I was 14 that I decided to turn into a cute time-out chair for my elementary music class. I call it the "Rest Chair." Get it? Like music rests?? :)

Started with this plain (ugly) green chair.

Painted it white.

Then added a few rests on the seat and painted the back.

Then I added all the little rests with sharpie because it was way to hard to paint! And that's the end! :)

While I was waiting on all the paint to dry, I worked on another little project inside. I started with this simple candle, some old sheet music, and glue.

I cut strips of the music to fit the candle and used all purpose glue to wrap it.

There wasn't quite enough!

So I cut more strips to cover the bald spot and......


Annnnnnnnd to top off all these fun projects and exciting new things going on in my life, Chad and I got new furniture for our den! FOR FREE!!!! I'm so excited!! Our den used to look like this...

And now it looks like THIS!!

We love it, and it's so amazingly comfy! Oh btw, the pallet shelf above the couch is an idea that I saw on Pinterest! I think my next project is going to have something to do with the old ceder chest in the second to last picture that has the basket of magazines on top. It's just so.... plain! So check back to see more crafts and more rants about my crazy life! 
God bless!


Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower, and thought I would say hello :) Your chair re-do turned out cute!

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