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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Hello readers! Here's just a little weekend re-cap:

Friday: Dinner with Chad at our favorite Mexican place (where I had just the skillet part of a chicken fajita to stay healthy) then went to see our old high school's football game. They won! :)

Saturday: I slept in after a long first week of student teaching while Chad was at a meeting all morning. Annnnnnd I cheated on my weigh in. I'm supposed to weigh myself on Sundays, but I got excited and did it Saturday morning. And I'm happy to say I'm another 2 lbs lighter! yay! :) Then we spent the afternoon getting ready for a cook-out we had with some of our friends. It was fun getting to hang out with everyone! :) Chad grilled some yummy smelling hamburgers, but in a effort to stay healthy, I cooked my own Bocca veggie burgers. They were still tasty!

Sunday: Church as always. :) Then me and Chad spent the afternoon watching a movie. Source Code... it was pretty good! Then we had rehearsal with our band for a few hours before taking our youth group out for tacos. And I had yet ANOTHER fajita skillet ;) But for those who don't know, Chad and I are part of a praise band called Selfless Praise. Chad plays keyboard, guitar, and sing lead vocals. I sing backup to him. Our friend Jeremy is on lead guitar, Caleb plays bass, and my brother Drew plays drums. We're playing this coming Friday night at a local church's "5th Quarter" after all the high school football games. Maybe I can get a recording of us on here sometime so y'all can here us!

Anyway, I'm getting prepared for another week of teaching! I officially start my music classes at the elementary school this week, and I'm so excited! I'll surely have many funny kid stories to tell later on. :)

Thanks for reading, and I'll blog at ya later! :) God bless!


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