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Weight Loss Journey

This is the page where I'll try to update my weight loss. I'm working on getting down to 150 lbs, but I could always lower that goal. ;) Once I hit my target weight, I just want to focus on staying healthy and maintaining my weight. 

I started dieting around August 3rd. I went about 12 days before I weighed myself, so on August 14th, I weighed 164.6 with a BMI of 28.9 (bleh!) I know this is a disgusting picture, but I had to have something on here to motivate myself to look better!

August 21st - 162.4 lb

August 27th - 160.6 lbs

September 3rd - 160 lbs

September 10th - 158.6 lbs

September 17th - 156.4 lb

September 24th - 154.2 lb
Here are pics I took on 9/24 showing my progress. I'm in my BATHING SUITE, so no worries! :) Oh, and please excuse the mess in the background.....

October 1st - 153.4 lbs

October 8th -  152.2 lbs

October 15th - 149.4 lbs

October 23rd - 148.6 lbs

October 29th - 146.4 lbs

November 5th - 146.4 lbs No loss :(

November 11th - 145.8 lbs

November 14th - 144.6 lbs

November 23rd - 142.8 lbs

Wondering why I haven't posted here in a while??? Well... I stopped weighing myself for a while after the last post, and then over Christmas break, I definitely gained a few pounds. So I've really been avoiding the scale since then. But, I'm back on track and will start updating here again starting this Saturday (1-14-12), hopefully ;)