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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Leggings as Pants

Good morning! Hope your week was great!
Mine was pretty average, so not much to talk about.
Last night however, was a little out of the ordinary because I slept over at my parents (which is right next door to us). The reason behind this sleepover was that my dad was taking my mom to see the Auburn game today with some friends, and they needed me to watch the dogs. So, instead of having to continuously go back and forth from my house to theirs, I decided to just stay there. Chad is gone all weekend to Atlanta, so everything worked out fine. I got to spend my night with these little nuggets...

Sasha was with me too, she just doesn't like to be in pictures. ;) I piled in my parents' ginormous bed with all the doggies and had a grand ol' time. I slept until about 8:30, which is sooooo late for me considering my body usually tried to wake up around 6:30 on the weekends. So, I was happy with that! I took care of the dogs before heading back home to start the day.

Today I have lots and lots of fun things to do!

1. Bake for the school's bakesale

We're having a bakesale at GWT to help raise money for the music program, so I'm making a healthy "no-bake mocho chocolate cheesecake" that I found at Dashing Dish. What a great blog! I'm also making DD's healthy orange creamsicle cupcakes! I'll post the results of my "bake fest" later tonight!

2. Craft!!

It's been a while since I've done any DIY crafts and things around here. So I've decided that since I'm all alone today, I'll make use of my time and make some things! On the crafting agenda today are multiple t-shirt scarves and probably some Christmas decor! I'm pumped! :)
3. Clean

Okay, so I know cleaning's not very fun. But it really needs to get done. Parts of our house are just filthy. Bleh.
4. Work on internship projects

If you were an education major in the state of Alabama, then the following words will make you shutter. Project USA. That is all.
So I've got a busy but fun day ahead of me! And I will be rocking a look that I've critisized for a while now.
 That's right, leggings as pants. Oh well. It's COMFORTABLE! :)

But for now, I'm going to sit here and finish my breakfast:
A cinnamon raisin bagel thing with pumpkin butter

Until later, thanks for reading! God bless!

Oh and btw, I lost another pound this week even after my weekend in Gatlinburg! That puts me down to 144 lbs! I'm pretty pumped about that, but I know that NEXT week will be the real challenge. THANKSGIVING! ;)


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