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Monday, October 17, 2011

Annoying Things About Losing Weight

Okay so, weight-loss is awesome, and I'm so glad that I'm doing so well
There are still some annoying things that come along with losing weight. 
-Like the fact that I'm always cold! 
-Or that my favorite outfits don't fit anymore.
(I guess I should learn how to alter my clothes)
But the thing that annoys me the most is when people say things like,
"you're too skinny," or "you need to stop losing weight," or especially when people say "you need to eat a cheeseburger!"
I mean, I understand that all of these statements can be taken as compliments, but until I feel comfortable with my body, I'm going to try to be fit and healthy and lose the extra weight that my body doesn't need!
I've researched healthy weight ranges on a lot of different sites, and it's been hard to find one specific range for my height. But, the closet I could get was between 131-164 lbs for the range, and 147 lbs as an ideal weight. So technically, I'm only 2ish lbs away from an ideal weight but could still lose another 18 lbs and be healthy. I know that people's intentions are not to make me fat or make me feel unhappy about my weight, but I do wish they could compliment me in other ways besides telling me I'm too skinny, because really, until I weight less than 131 lbs, I'm not. But don't think this means I'm going to actually try to get down to 131 lbs. I honestly don't think that weight is possible for me. lol

I just want to feel good about the way I look and feel good in my clothes. Thank you to all the people who support my journey and thank you even to the people who may have said some of the things I mentioned, because I know that you're just saying it out of love. :) 

Thanks for reading, and I hope that you guys continue to follow me on my weight-loss journey

God bless! :)


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