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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallow-Birthday to Meeeee!

Hey Hey Hey!
That's right! It's my hallowbirthday! Or is it Birthdayween? I don't know and I don't care! Today I'm celebrating 23 years of being alive! Well, I actually celebrated yesterday with my family since today was a looong work/school day for me.

Yesterday my mom cooked a delicious birthday lunch that included spaghetti and meatballs (my FAV), texas toast, salad, and cake & ice cream! Here's what was left of my cake!

I ate SO much food! It was ridic. But no worries, today I am back to my healthy ways! ;) After lunch, we all layed around watching scary movies until everyone started to slip into food comas. ;) Before I left, Mom gave me my presents!
Low-fat pumpkin lattes and pumpkin ice cream! She knows me so well! :)
My "real" present from my parents is coming in the form of new brakes on my car. They've been squealing for a while and really needed to be fixed, so today I got them done.

Chad and I went shopping for my presents on Saturday and ended up with this!
New TOMS (they're tan burlap) and two new coffee mugs, one travel and one regular

Today was just a normal ole Monday, but my kids made it better by singing happy birthday to me in the high school and middle school choirs! Chad's cooking dinner tonight and then we're going to our church's Fall Festival/Trunk-n-Treat, so it should be a fun night. :) 

While typing just now, my grandad (who we call "gaggy") stopped by to give me my present! I was so happy to get to see him. :) He gave me a jar of his homemade pickles, which are UH.MAZE.ING. And he also gave me some money. He's the best. :)

Well, I'm off to watch Chad burn down the kitchen cook a yummy dinner!

Thanks for reading! God bless! :)


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