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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Parades, Sushi, Pumpkin, and..... demon babies?

Afternoon y'all! Hope your Saturday is going splendidly! Chad and I have had a GREAT day so far... and it's not over yet! I just thought I'd take some time in between our festivities to blog. :)

So, today is our college alma mater (The University of North Alabama) homecoming, and we decided to take part in all of the fun! Well, it's actually not my alma mater yet. I don't graduate until December... but it sure does feel like I'm already out because of my student teaching! 
Anyway..... first activity of the day was the parade! I love parades, but because I was in a sorority (ZTA), I always had to be IN the parade and never got to watch. Chad was the same way. He was in the university band (The Pride of Dixie) and had to march in every parade. So it was really fun getting to watch from the sidewalk!

The homecoming theme was "Expanding the Legacy," so everything was about building for the future. Here was Zeta's float! I loved getting to see some of my sisters again!

Chad was also in a frat, (Alpha Tau Omega) and here is ATO's float! Looks kind of similar ;)

After the parade, we went to a Japanese restaurant called Umi for some lunch! It was fantastic! Best ginger salad I've ever had.... and the soup and Cali roll were great too!

Then we headed over to Target. We love Target! But, it's usually too far of a drive just to browse without having something specific to get. We were already in Florence though, so why not? :) I'm SO glad we went because we found pumpkin spiced...... EVERYTHING!

Coffee, coffee creamer, latte mix, oatmeal, pancake mix, and waffle mix!! Chad started making fun of my love for pumpkin and tried to trick me with things like pumpkin spiced milk and pumpkin spiced jam. I caught on to the joke when he mentioned pumpkin spiced tuna and pumpkin spiced wine. har har har. Anyway, Chad would only let me get the creamer, latte mix, and coffee.... but oh well! I just tried the latte mix, and it was so yummy!

So after our Target trip, we made one final stop at a new halloween store called Spirit. Lots of cute, scary, weird, and *hem* risque costumes in there. And then, we saw this......
And this........

Well, we're getting ready to head back down to the stadium to participate in some tailgating, and then watch the game. I'm PUMPED about our seats because a friend let us borrow his season tickets, and our seats are awesome! I'll have pics later on. And have I mentioned yet that the weather is PERFECT?! The high is 79, so I know tonight will feel amazing! I'll be posting about the rest of our day tonight or tomorrow, so be on the look-out! Until then..... thanks for reading!

God bless! :)


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