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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Picnic at Cane Creek Canyon

It's Saturdayyyyyy! And, it feels next to perfect outside here in our little town of Tuscumbia. :)
Ahhhh... I'm just dreading that sudden change from beautiful fall weather to frigidly cold winter that always seems to happen over night here. :( But for now, I'm taking full advantage of the amazingness that is outside!

Like today, the hubs and I decided to take a quick trip to a nature preserve called Cane Creek to explore and have a little picnic. :) We started our morning off with a REAL pumpkin spice latte that I was able to make with my newly bought pumpkin puree!

Then we added cinnamon marshmallows! ;)

Very yummy! Then, after an impromptu visit from Chad's parents (which we always love!), we packed up our picnic basket and hit the road!

It only took about 15 minutes to drive out there. My favorite part about the directions I was reading was at the end when it said "pass the chicken houses." hehe The preserve is by a cute looking Spanish-style house.

Here are a few pics from our short hike...

We found a cute little lizard!

And this was my view for most of the hike ;)

Afterwards, we grabbed our picnic basket from the car and headed to the tables.

Our lunch spread:
For him- Coke Zero, turkey sandwich, pringles, banana, and one of my pumpkin cupcakes :)
For me- Diet DP, a lighter turkey sandwich, light lays, apple, and pumpkin cupcake

It was such a fun morning/afternoon, and the weather was PERFECT! I definitely want to do it again soon.

In other news, Saturday has become my new weigh-in day. It used to be Sunday, but last week I couldn't wait. lol So I decided to stick with Saturdays. I weighed myself this morning and lost another 2 lbs! Down to 156 lbs now, and hopefully in another 3-4 weeks I'll be down to a solid 150 lbs! I'm pretty pumped. :)

Chad and I are spending the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying our Saturday. We're probably about to head down to my parents to visit, and also so that I can borrow "The Sound of Music" from them to show Chad. Can you believe he's NEVER seen it??? I was appalled. So tonight I'm sitting him down and making him watch it. Hopefully he'll be singing Do-Re-Mi by the end of the night. ;)

Well, until next time, thanks for reading! God bless. :)


Anonymous said...

It looks like the two of you had a lovely day! :) I've been enjoying the nice "Fall-ish" weather lately too, because I know before no time it's going to be below degrees temperatures and endless snowfall, ha. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

Grace Kennington said...

Thanks so much! You too! :)

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