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Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Homecoming

Hiiiii! Happy FRIDAY! :) Today I went with a "new look," and decided to let my hair air dry instead of drying and straightening it. What do you guys think? It was nice to not have to use my straightener this morning.

This week has been cray-zay for me! Monday and Tuesday were extremely loooong work days for me, and Wednesday was not much better. I had to stay at the high school to teach instead of going to the elementary school, which made me sad because I love my little kiddos! But, yesterday I got to return to them, and today is homecoming for our school system, so we got out of school at 1:00 to get ready for the parade. I wasn't able to snap any pics at the parade because I was too busy waving at all of my students! I knew that I'd see some of them in the parade, but I never knew so many of them would be there. Plus I had students from the elementary school, middle school, AND high school. It was insane, but it made me so happy to see my students so excited! This is why I love teaching! :)

As for the game tonight, I don't think Chad and I are going to make it. I've got a pretty decent dinner planned (ranch & parm chicken), and I think Chad wants to stay in and watch movies. Plus, I'm planning on fixing us a healthy pumpkin milkshake after dinner! I'll post later about it. ;)

Also, today our dog Sasha got into something outside and had an allergic reaction. Her face got swollen and red. Isn't she pitiful :(

Tomorrow Chad and I are babysitting his nephew Bobby for his mom because it's her birthday! He lives with Chad's parents, so we're taking him for the day so they can celebrate. It's also the first day of October, which means it's my birthday month!! ;) For those who don't know, my bday is on Halloween, and though some people hate having a holiday birthday, I LOVE IT! (Though I probably wouldn't like a Christmas birthday.) Anyway... October is one of my very favorite months of the year! Actually, I love everything about October through December! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!!!! Ohhhh I can't wait! I'll be baking lots of goodies I'm sure and DEF blogging about it all! So get ready for a fall FULL of posts! :) Hopefully, I'll be PAST my weight loss goal so that I can let myself go crazy on those holidays! ;) If you want to check my progress, go to my weight loss page! I update it weekly. Only 4 lbs until my main goal, and then maybe I can keep going..... we'll see!

Until next time, thanks for reading! God bless! :)


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