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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Were You?

I thought it'd only be appropriate to take a minute to remember the events that took place 10 years ago today. Where were you when those two planes flew into the towers? I was in 7th grade english class. I remember our principal announcing over the intercom for all teachers to turn on their televisions because of a possible terrorist attack. When I looked at the TV all I saw was the black smoke pouring out of the tower. Then we all witnessed the second plane flying into the other tower. It was a horrible feeling. I didn't know what was happening, who was responsible, or where another attack might take place. 
I can also remember that we were supposed to have our very first middle school football game, and I was a cheerleader. It would've been my very first time to cheer at a football game, and I was so excited. But, because of the attack, our game was canceled. I know it's silly to think about it, but I was so mad at the people who led the attacks because it caused my very first football game to get canceled. And now, thinking back, I realize how silly it was for me to be upset over cheering at a football game. I should have been worried about the people who lost loved ones on that day. But can you blame a 12 year old girl for being selfish? It's kind of in her nature. lol

Anyway, 10 years later I still think about the frightening scene I saw on television in Mrs. Davis' class and remember how it brought our country together, and for a little while, made everyone realize how blessed we are to live in such an amazing country. I thank God for blessing me with freedom to be who I want to be, do what I want to do, and say what I want to say because many people around the world don't have that freedom.

Now that I've said my part about 9/11, I'm going to switch gears. 
Okay, Happy Sunday! :) I hope everyone's weekend has been good! I've spent my Sunday getting ready for my long week of teaching by working on power points, picking out music for activities, and practicing this little baby...
I'll be teaching my elementary kids about woodwind instruments this week, and I always bring in an instrument to play for them. Last week I brought a trombone which I'm decent at playing..... but I'm not very good at playing the clarinet, so we'll see how this goes!

Other than preparing for the week, I've gotten some laundry done, taken a ride on the moped, and even made another one of my pumpkin lattes from my last post. :) I have a feeling I'll be making a lot of them! Now I'm just getting ready to make some dinner, watch Big Brother, and wait for Chad to come home from his trip! I haven't seen him in over three days, and I miss him so much! I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday! 
God bless! :)


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