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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Sunday With Nothing To Do???

Happy Sunday!! It's a beautiful day here in Tuscumbia, I just wish there a little more sunshine....
My view for the afternoon is of the hubs doing the "man" thing. Weed eating, cutting crass, etc. 
After I post, I'll be doing the "wife" thing. Washing dishes, laundry, etc. *fun fun* Anyway, here's a little bit of the rest of our Saturday!

We headed back to the stadium for a little tailgating with some of Chad's old frat brothers. Saw some old friends and got to chat for a while. Then we went to our seats. And BOY were they awesome!!

Right on the 50! Thanks to the O'Neals from our church for the tickets! :) The Pride of Dixie (University Band) took the field and looked great!

They are BY FAR the best college band I've ever heard! Here's a link to a video of their show on youtube! It's FAB! UNA also honored some people for being inducted into the sports hall of fame, and one of the people inducted was George Lindsey aka Goober from the Andy Griffith Show! He's a big part of UNA and we have a George Lindsey Film Festival every year, so I've seen him before. But I wanted to snap a picture in case any readers wanted to see him! It's an iPhone pic so it's not good quality. =/

Chad really enjoyed himself, especially the food. He had a hamburger, nachos, and even tried to talk me into a funnel cake. I however decided to pack a Subway sandwich in my bag since I knew we'd be at the game during dinner time. The game was great, but nerve wracking! It was close all the way up until the 4th quarter when UNA finally pulled ahead by 8 (which is still not a lot). In the end, we won 28-20 over Harding University. Here we are enjoying the game and our great seats!

We can't wait to go back for another game!

So , it's Sunday now, and I'm so excited because I have nothing to do! This hasn't happened since I've started teaching, so I'm taking advantage of it and doing.... NOTHING! Later on tonight we're taking our youth down to the park to play kickball, and I may get in on the fun to get some exercise.... but we'll see how I feel then. ;)

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!! Thanks for reading! God bless! :)


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