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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another List and Tuesday 10

Morning! :)

It's kind of dreary over here,and I just want to lay around and do nothing. =/ But, I'm not going to let this weather keep me from being productive! I've got another long to-do list for today.

 -Finish memorizing my opera music
-Work on and hopefully finish this weeks voice assignment
-Finish my lesson plan for my music classes this week
-Run some errands around town
-Go to UNA's music library to make copies of all of my voice music
-Opera rehearsal at 3:30
-Work in some cardio sometime

That last one may not happen though. I woke up this morning and could barely walk. I guess I really worked my legs at yesterdays workout. So the cardio may turn into some relaxing yoga instead :)

Breakfast this morning was new, thanks to a random purchase at Walmart last night!
These were sooo yummy! I also added a piece of light bread with a tbs of sugar-free raspberry jam and had two cups of coffee, all while catching up on some blogs and episodes of Family Guy and The Office! So now, I'm ready to tackle my day! :)

How about a little Tuesday Ten to end this post!

1. I've just realized that it's the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese New Year! The dragon is my Chinese symbol, so maybe that means good things for me in 2012?? :)
What is your Chinese symbol?

2. It's also National Peanut Butter Day! I've already celebrated once with my breakfast, but I plan on celebrating again later with my jar of natural peanut butter and a spoon. ;)

3. Chad and I are currently obsessed with this creamer
It's basically the greatest thing I've ever had. :)

4. Just yesterday, I saw a preview for a movie called "The Woman in Black." 

It has Daniel Radcliffe in it and comes out Feb. 3 (Chad's birthday!). I can't believe that I'm just now hearing about this movie?? Especially since it has my all time FAVORITE person in it! I absolutely love Daniel Radcliffe! And not just because I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, but because he's also a fabulous broadway singer/dancer! I would DIE to to see him in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying! I'm definitely going to be seeing this movie at some point!
Actor + Singer/Dancer + Wizard = LOVE :)

5. I'm STILL reading Catching Fire, and it is still so so good! It's just taking me a while because I don't have as much free time as I did over Christmas break. (duh)

6. I know at the beginning of this post I said it was dreary out. But, I just opened up my blinds, and it looks like I see the sun shining through! :) Happy day!

7. I'm spending way too much time blogging this morning. ;)

8. I will be enjoying another one of the best snack combos evaaaa this afternoon before opera rehearsal! :)

9. It's looking like the adorable black poodle pup is going to be coming home with us after all!!! :) We're still waiting on some things, but it's looking good for us!  So now all we need is a name!  
Anyone have any name suggestions for a little black BOY poodle?? :)

10. Chad's birthday is in 10 days!! I've already bought him one present that he wanted. It's a new manly cross necklace. He needed a new one because his old one was turning colors. ;) I've got some other surprises in store for him, but I can't reveal them on here just yet! :)

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday! Thanks for reading! :)


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