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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here We Go!

Gooooood morning! Happy Tuesday, and can I get a ROLL TIDE!
Now y'all know I'm not really a huge Bama fan (or any fan at that matter), but I am pretty proud that for the last 3 years, the national championship has been won by teams from the good ol' state of Alabama! :)

Anyway... last night, Chad had some of the high school youth over to our house to watch the game.
There was pizza, chips, dip, cookies, candy, cake, cupcakes, doughnuts, and other foods that I had to steer clear of. It was a little tempting to have a slice of pizza, or grab a handful of M&Ms, but I resisted! :)

I did end up heading off to bed early so that I would have the energy to get up this morning and ZUMBA! I was definitely feeling a little sluggish at first, but that feeling went away pretty quick, and I kicked up the energy, which left me extremely sweaty and ready to take a cold shower! If you know me at all, then you know that me and cold do not get along well. So that's saying something!

Today is going to be a lot like yesterday...
I've got to finish up the chores/errands that I didn't get done yesterday, go to UNA to talk with a few professors about some of my grad classes, practice more opera, and while I'm in Florence, I'll be stopping by Target (since we don't have one in Tuscumbia) to see if I can buy some random things that I don't really need but want. ;)
My trip to Target alone is going to make today a great day! :)

I may be coming back with another post later on in the day, but until then, thanks for reading! :)


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