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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Good morning! Hope everyone is excited for the weekend! :)

I have to be quick with this post because we're leaving for Behold in about 30 minutes! 

No workout this morning! :)

Yesterday I said that I would share some of the ways I'm planning on staying on track this weekend.

1. Clif Bars!! Those will probably be my main source of nutrients this weekend. I'll have one for dinner tonight, lunch tomorrow, and dinner tomorrow. But don't worry, I'm going to throw in some real food too! For lunch I also have apples, and I'm sure there will be some kind of veggies that I can pair with my bars.

2. LUNA bars! These are mostly for the two breakfasts that I'll be having at the camp. I'll also throw in one of the yogurt or fruit choices that the camp offers.

3. Healthy snacks for in-between meal munchies! I have Clif Kid Z bars, Special K bars, Almonds, freeze-dried fruit, apples, and plenty of sugar-free GUM! Gym always helps curb my appetite.

4. Exercise! My iPTrainer app on my iPhone gives me the option of a "vacation workout." So, it'll give me things to do that don't require weights or gym equipment. I'll have to fit in some form of exercise this weekend!

5. Water, water, water, water! And maybe a few diet mt. dews. ;)

So that's my plan, and I hope I can stick to it! But, I know that no matter what happens, this weekend will be great because God always does amazing things at Behold! :)

I'll be back Monday or Tuesday with a recap of the weekend! Thanks for reading! :)


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