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Monday, January 9, 2012

Beat Those Monday Blues!

Good Monday morning!!

Hope you don't have the Monday blues... it's hard not to though. One way I like to fight any kind of morning blues is by going to the gym! I always feel ten times better after a good sweat sesh!

Last night at our youth game night, we started out with 2 rounds of dodge-ball, followed by a few rounds of extreme paper rock scissors (which was interesting), and I ended the night by playing basketball with some of the boys. I got some really great cardio by playing basketball, plus it was a lot of fun! I love it when I can workout and have fun at the same time. :)

After game time, I was starving and couldn't wait to get home to eat! I had a huge salad planned for dinner and was ready to scarf it down! This picture doesn't really do it any justice, but it was awesome!

We ended our night with some ice cream (pumpkin for me, strawberry for him) and the newest episode of The Big Bang Theory then headed off to sleep!

Due to me staying up a little later than normal, this morning's workout came wayyyy too soon! But, once I got out of bed and got going, I was ready to hit the gym!

After a quick (but INTENSE) 10 minute warm-up on the bike, I used my new iPTrainer app to get in a good circuit session.
I couldn't fit the whole thing in one picture, so here is part one.
Part 2:

I really love this app, and it was only 99 cents! SO worth it. You tell it if you're in a gym, at home, or on vacation, and also tell it what equipment you have available, and it personalizes any kind of workout that you want! Cardio, strength training, circuits, etc. It's the best!

Well, I'm off to get some work done for today! 
I have to do some choreographing for a show choir that I'm teaching this afternoon, clean the house for a youth party we're having tonight for the National Championship, run some errands around town, meet with my adviser and register for my graduate classes for the semester, work on my opera music, and go to Wal-mart. Those are just the things I can remember right now!

Hope you're day is great!


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