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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Past Three Weeks

Hello! It's been a pretty long time since my last post.... 3 weeks actually. I guess that's not too bad, but in a world of bloggers who have multiple posts every day, it's horrible! Oh well!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Years break! Mine was pretty amazing as well! Here's just a few pictures and recaps of what's happened since my last post!

No pictures yet, but I will try to put one up on my next post!
 It was the best feeling to walk across that stage and FINALLY have my BS in Music Education! So now I am a "real life teacher" as my Kindergarteners say now. :)

2. Our school Christmas program (The Reindeer Rebellion) was a HUGE success!! If you remember in my last post, I talked about how there were people trying to make us take "Silent Night" out of our program. Well, we fought back and sang it anyway because we were not breaking the law in any way. As soon as the kids starting singing, the audience joined in quietly and sang with us. It was amazing and beautiful and had me crying! I was so proud of our music program!

3. It mine and Chad's first Christmas together married!

It was a little different not being at home with my parents on Christmas Eve. But, on Christmas morning, after Chad and I opened our stockings, (I got cake and cupcake decorating kits, chocolates, and an iTunes gift card! He got a sweater, new ear-buds, and some random treats) we went down to my parents' and spent the morning with my family eating breakfast, drinking coffee, and opening presents. It was so fun! After church, the rest of the day was devoted to my dad's side of the family, then Chad's dad's, and we ended with my mom's side of the family where all of the cousins had a little photo shoot.
 It was an all-around amazing Christmas! One of the best we've had together! :)

4. My mom's birthday was the 28th, and I decided to try out my new decorating equipment and bake her a cake! It was so fun! I even tried my hand at some fondant. That's what the leaves of the flower are made out of! :)

5. Chad scheduled a youth lock-in on New Year's Eve Eve. So that night was spent chaperoning, eating junk food, and not sleeping. I don't know how much chaperoning was actually happening from my end though.

6. New Year's Eve was spent at our friend Jacob's house. He lives in Baton Rouge, and we rarely get to see him, so when he comes into town we try to hang out a lot! 

So, for about a week and a half, I ate nothing but holiday junk food. And as you can imagine, my clothes were starting to feel a tad snug, and I was feeling really uncomfortable with myself. 
Because of that, I decided to purchase this...

Chad and I also joined a 24 hour gym that's pretty amazing! (Yes I know, I'm now considered a "resolutioner" because I joined a gym on January 1st!)
I'm also back to my healthy eating lifestyle. So hopefully after these two weeks of the cleanse & burn, I will be back to my normal self! I've been doing really good with the healthy eating AND I've successfully completed my first week of exercising every day! (Today being my off day) On MWF I go to the gym at 5:30 am! yikes! And on Tuesday, Thursday, and hopefully Sundays, I workout with my ZUMBA game on the Wii! It's so much fun!

Well, I feel like that's enough information about my life for one post. Next time I wont wait so before my next one! :) Happy Saturday to you all! Thanks for reading!

God bless! :)


Krissy M said...

I <3 Zumba 2 for Wii! Been on it since my birthday & now Patrick & I cherr get up super early & do the Insanity workout from TV (it is hard core!!!!)

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