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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Long To-Do List

Gooooooood Monday morning!!!!!!!!
Now how many of you want to slap me in the face for using so many exclamation points on a Monday morning??? haha ;)

How was the weekend?? Chad and I had a pretty good one over here. 
Saturday morning was spent relaxing for me. Chad went to the detention center to do a devotion and give lunch to the kids with another friend from out church. After lunch we went to Target just because.... I ended up with a new pair of jeans, sports bra, Clif Kid Z bars (the iced oatmeal cookie flavor!), the new LUNA bar flavor (which I actually wasn't a fan of), and a vitamin water GLOW (the BEST flavor!). Chad also left with a new pair of jeans. I swear I always leave Target with things that I don't really need. Saturday night, Chad and I had a little date at Frank's Italian restaurant where I had the BEST salad I've ever had! I swear Frank's house Italian salad is better than Olive Garden's salad.

Sunday was spent at church most of the day. We had a meeting that afternoon and then took the youth to eat Mexican. But I did manage to save some of my Target purchases for a snack before our church meeting.
Quite possibly the best snack combo evaaaaa! :)

Last night we got some bad weather and had to go down to our basement for the first time since we've moved into our house. I"m a bit of a baby when it comes to tornado warnings and sirens, and now since the April 27th tornadoes, it's even worse. Sorry Chad. But everything was fine, and we were back to bed in no time. I feel so blessed to actually have a basement to go to during bad weather and blessed that our area was safe last night because other places didn't have it so good last night.

But the bad weather didn't stop me from getting to the gym early this morning!!
I did another 20 minute interval workout on the treadmill, with a one minute sprint at the end, Then did my usual full body circuit style workout that took about 45 minutes to complete.

After my workout, I came home to Chad cooking eggs and bacon, so I asked him to make me an egg for my egg, jam, and lite english muffin sandwitch. YUM! :)

I've got an extra long to-do list today:
-Fill out registration form for a vocal competition and turn it in along with registration fee this afternoon
-Work on music for my lesson this afternoon
-Start this weeks voice assignment (it's a pretty big on)
-Work on choreography for the show choir that I teach this afternoon
-Practice and memorize Act I of the opera I'm doing for our rehearsal tomorrow
-Voice lesson at 2:00
-Teach show choir at 3:30
-Have dinner ready by 5:00 because Chad has meetings starting at 5:30
-Go to Wal-mart for essentials like toilet paper, eggs, bread, dog food, etc.

Let's get this Monday started y'all! Thanks for reading!! :)


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