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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Fabulous Weekend!

Hello all!! Whew, what a weekend it's been!

As you know, Chad and I spent Saturday through Monday with 30 of our youth at a retreat called Behold! It was amazing!! The kids had a blast, as did the adults! :) The worship was probably my favorite part of the entire weekend! Peder Eide brought his whole band, and they rocked my face off! I think our youth really bonded and got closer to each other as well as God! (duh, cause that's what it's all about!) During free time, we took some of the kids up the mountain, and by take, I mean we drove the van. Yes yes, I know you're thinking what weenies we are for driving instead of hiking, especially since I talked so much about trying to stay active this weekend. But I just couldn't help myself! Riding sounded so much better than hiking at the time! Anyway, at least I got to look cute for pictures instead of sweaty! ;)

I roomed with 3 other Jr. High aged girls. They were so much fun! And, because girls will be girls, after just one night, our room looked like this.

We love our clothes, make-up, hair products, lotions, and perfumes! ;)

I also did really well with my "eating healthy" plan for the weekend. I munched on Clif bars, LUNA bars, almonds, special K bars, and apples all weekend. (and there was an occasional diet mt. dew ;) ) Even though I didn't really get in any exercise on the trip, I still lost 2 lbs over the weekend! So I know my plan worked! :)

Overall, Behold 2012 was a HUGE success! I'm hoping that we can get even more of our youth to go on this retreat next year! :)

More news!!
When we got back to the church Monday afternoon, I was asked by a parent to take a picture of a puppy that was found near the church so that we could try to find the owner. I walked in the church and saw the sweet little baby and fell in love! Just look at this face! (if you can find it!)
Someone offered to take care of the dog for a few days and try to find the owner. But, if they can't find them, Chad agreed that WE could take him!!! I've never been more surprised! I really do hope that we can find the owners, because I would be devastated if I lost my pup, BUT I'm so excited that we may possibly have a new dog-child to add to our family! I've already been thinking of names! :) 
So yeah, I'm trying not to get my hopes up. ;)

After the excitement of the puppy fiasco, I was pumped up for a workout at the gym! Around 4:30 I pulled into the parking lot and almost pulled right back out. There were SO. MANY. CARS. Now I know why I love going at 5:30 in the morning! But, I sucked it up and went inside. Despite the insane amount of people there, I was still able to get in a pretty good workout.
First up was some intervals on the treadmill for 20 minutes with an added minute long sprint at 9.0. That really got my heart rate up! Then I followed with a circuit that looked like this.

Because of my late workout yesterday, I decided to skip on the cardio this morning and hopefully get it in later this afternoon.

Plans for today include:
 -Work on lessons for the week
-Practice Opera music
-Lunch date with my love<3
-First graduate level voice lesson of the semester!
-Clean house/Finish unpacking
-Grocery trip to Wal-mart (We really need a Publix or Whole Foods!)

There may be an added Target run later in the day too, and perhaps more reading of Catching Fire! :)

Well, I've had my breakfast plus 2 cups of coffee, so I'm ready to go! Thanks for reading! :)

P.S. I'm also thinking of changing some things up with my blog. Like, the name, focus, server host, and things like that. More info on this later! :)


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