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Friday, January 20, 2012

The "Cool" Teacher

HELLO! Happy Friday! :) Hope everyone's day has been great!

My Friday has been a good one so far, I'm just sooooo tired. Fridays are my longest days of teaching, and I'm always exhausted by the time 3:00 rolls around. But, the kids seriously make it so worth it! I had a 2nd grader come to my room after school just because she wanted to talk and hang out. I love that my kids think I'm "cool" enough to come just to hang out! :)

Before I did the school thing, I had to do the gym thing. I had some pre-workout fuel that was 1/2 a tbs of natural peanut butter. ;) Then I completed a new interval cardio sesh. on the treadmill that I really liked! But, I always add my own extra minute of a sprint at 9.0 to boost my metabolism! Then I did a usual circuit workout

Afterwards, I had my usual post workout breakfast: One egg on a whole wheat 100 cal English muffin with sugar free raspberry preserves.

Then it was school time! It was a really good day, but like I said, really looooong!
As soon as I got home a grabbed one of these babies and a diet mt dew!
These Iced Oatmeal Cookie flavored Clif Kid Z Bars are AMAZING! Seriously....

Chad's gone off to Foodland to get some stuff for fajitas tonight! I love fajitas because of all the peppers, onions, and tomatoes! :) We've also got plans to stay in tonight, watch a movie, and just relax! I love nights like this. Hopefully I can get a little more reading in too! I'm definitely loving Catching Fire so far.

No news on the pup yet, but I'll let y'all know when we hear anything! I really hope he can become our new dog-child! :)

I'm off to start dinner! Thanks for reading! :)


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